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It was my pleasure working with Eduardo. He served as our stand-in COO with all of our operations & HR reporting to him & he reported directly to me. He led the effort of turning our business around, we went from an average call center service level of 20% to over 95% under his leadership. In addition, he helped us in reducing our claim processing backlog by over 70% which was severely aged with some claims over 200 days to eventually the oldest one being only 10 days old.


Our employee morale went up significantly under Eduardo's leadership as he was very inspiring and hands-on with his teams. In addition, he helped us design and develop the reporting we needed and always supported all of his recommendations with well-thought-out numbers. I highly recommend Eduardo for any operational, strategic, analytical or business leadership role. 

Crown Administrators

Doug S.

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Eduardo helped us re-design our mortgage process to help make my secret sauce repeatable across our sites. In addition, he helped us to document our processes, improve our floor-level operations & designed our reporting. It was great working with him and I  highly recommend him.

SVP, Mortgage Consultant
American Mortgage Equity Consultants

Michael A.

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We initially hired TPM Consulting Group to help us to document our processes & help make our business more sustainable. We ended up hiring Eduardo to lead our business strategy & then he became our COO with the objective of helping to run all of our operations and more.


I highly recommend TPM Consulting Group as I ended up bringing on Eduardo to run a start-up company for a group of us investors.

Rising Tide Growth

Jason S.

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Eduardo has, hands down, been my favorite partner to work with! He's a process master! He came into several of our projects and companies learned our business and techniques instantly, created processes around them, made everything much more efficient, and went above and beyond!

Not only does he know his process repair and management, Eduardo turned out to be an incredible mentor, fantastic leader (for both projects and people), and a solid go-getter. He proactively finds gaps in projects and needs for the company and leads them. 

Between budget analysis and operational strategy, this guy can do it all.

VP of Marketing
Indigo Automate

Kiza M.

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I have utilized TPM Consulting Group/Eduardo for another one of my businesses, Clearwater. Eduardo completely stood up a call center in the Philippines for us from the ground up, established the telephany, created the call campaigns and created a strategy around it.


In addition, we are utilizing Eduardo to perform analysis and create quantitative calculators for us. Again, I highly recommend Eduardo, he is great all around. 

Clearwater Benefits

Jason S.

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